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Thank you very much again for an awesome time in Mongolia! It was very nice and I'm glad I got to see it!

All my friends who have seen the photos have been absolutely impressed.


Keep up the great work and thank you very much again for organizing everything at such short notice as well as helping us out with our delayed flight back to UB! Thank you!!!!




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Kharakhorum is the ancient capital of Mongolian Empire, the fabled city by Chinggis Khan, was established in 1220 in valley of Orkhon river, that was on the crossroads of the Great Silk Road.

At Kharakhorum, Greater Mongolian Empire was governed by Chinggis, Ugudei, Khubilai, Guyug and Munkh Khaans.


Erdenezuu, the first monastery of Yellow Buddism in Mongolia, was established in 1586 by Abtai Sain Khaan on the ruins of Kharakhorum city.



At its peak, it had 10 times more sized of today's Erdenezuu, at least 62 temples, about 2000 monks,

300 gers of monks, but all temples except three of the temples were badly destroyed by communists in 1937.



Khorgo-Terkh White Lake National Park covers 773 square km territory, which includes area of Terkh white lake, Khorgiin Togoo- the extinct volcano mountain with endangered flora and fauna, which was taken by the State protection since 1965.


The landscape of the National park is rich of dark stones of severe extinct volcanoes, formatted by activated volcano about 8 million years ago, and reported by scientists.





Tuvkhun Monastery is located on the top of Mountain (Undur Shireet) and famous by its beautiful scenery, surrounded by forested mountains, its altitude reaches 2312 meters above the sea level.

The monastery was destroyed by communists and now it consists of 14 small temples.


Tsagaan Suvarga is known as White Flaming cliffs, with height of 60 meters and it continues for abour 400 meters. It has amazing shape seems like ancient village from a distance.












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